Monday, September 21, 2009

Hotel Near Mendota Hills Wind Farm

The Mendota Hills Wind Farm is located just a short drive north of our Rochelle Illinois Hotel the Comfort Inn and Suites.

The wind farm which is located in the village of Paw Paw has sixty three turbines. Each one reaches a height of 214 feet, Each has three blades that are 85 feet long.

The Mendota wind farm is the first utility scale wind farm in the state of Illinois. It is estimated that each fully constructed turbine cost one million dollars to build.

The windfarm is also estimated to cover over 2,200 acres. It is owned and operated by Navitas Energy. The energy produced there is sold to Commonwealth Edison. Each turbine also 0.82 megatwatts of power and the entire farm can power over 13,000 homes.

So if your traveling through Illinois and want to take a closer look at the wind farms in the area make your reservation today at our Rochelle Illinois Hotel the Comfort Inn and Suites by calling the hotel directly at 815-562-5551 or visit us on line at then get on down to the wind farm and ponder a viable alternative to our nations energy resources!

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