Monday, August 9, 2010

Hotel near shopping in Rochelle Il

There are some truly unique shopping experiences near the Comfort Inn and Suites Rochelle, Il.
It seems wherever you go, cookie cutter stores abound and it becomes near impossible to find the kind of shopping that showcases a town’s true soul. I am going to talk about two such unique stores: Priscilla’s Parlor and The Cypress House.

Rochelle is steeped in history and Priscilla’s Parlor helps show off that history with a broad variety of antiques for sale. Located just off the Lincoln highway and only a few blocks from Comfort Inn and Suites Rochelle bringing your haul back to the your room will be a snap. If the store makes an impression with you, which I know it will, when you get home you can peruse and order their inventory online and have a piece of Rochelle shipped directly to your home.

Rochelle is more than it’s history, there is a vibrant community with creativity bursting through its pores. No store shows off its new life better than The Cypress House. A mixture of a boutique, coffee shop, home d├ęcor shop, and a green house florist this little gem has everything.

Next time your are visiting Rochelle, check out some of the local shopping like Priscilla’s Parlor and The Cypress House and enjoy your stat at the Comfort Inn and Suites Rochelle.

1133 N 7th St. Rochelle, IL 61068
Reservations: 815-562-5551 Fax: 815-562-3911

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