Monday, October 11, 2010

Sycamore Il. Hotel

The Comfort Inn and Suites Rochelle is only a few short minutes away from the gorgeous town of Sycamore. Sycamore is a perfect destination during your stay at The Comfort Inn and Suites Rochelle. Take highway 251 north then a right on highway 64 go about 20 miles and your there.

Sycamore has plenty to offer to all who seek it. From food and fun to culture and class sycamore has it all. I will only touch on some the many things that Sycamore has to off the guests of The Comfort Inn and Suites Rochelle, IL

It has always been my belief that the soul of city is found in its local eateries; and Sycamore does not disappoint. Like the perfect meal, I will begin with dessert. Sweet Dreams Desserts has some of the best cheese-, cup-, or just plain cakes you will find. Other great restaurants include Taxco Restaurant, for fine Mexican cuisine, Villa Verone, Italian Restaurant, and the Great food at Nat’s on Maple.

For those looking for some fun and activities Sycamore has some wonderful museums and theatres and not to mention golf. A definite not-to-be-missed locale is the Midwest Museum of Natural History with exhibits showcasing the diversity of North America to Africa and beyond. Sycamore Golf Club plays 6,000 yards and is balanced well for the beginner or the experienced player.

Sycamore offers all of its visitors the very best of what Northwest Illinois has to offer. During your next stay at the Comfort Inn and Suites Rochelle be sure to save some time to see Sycamore.

1133 N 7th St. Rochelle, IL 61068
Reservations: 815-562-5551 Fax: 815-562-3911

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