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Hotel Near Rockford IL PaleoFest

Hotel Near Rockford IL PaleoFest

This March 5th and 6th head to Rockford Illinois for The Burpee Natural History Museum’s PaleoFest and stay at the Comfort Inn and Suites. The doors open at 10 a.m. and will remain open until 5 p.m. Festival Admission is only $10 a ticket!

There are activities for the whole family! Ticket admission includes FREE children’s Dinoblast activities from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. In addition to the Dinoblast activities there are also two family workshops to attend. The first family workshop is called Giant’s Jaws, Claws, and All. In this workshop the family will compare the jaws and claws of African Giant Dinosaurs to other dinosaurs like North American dinosaurs. In addition, they will create a tooth or claw fossil to take home. The second family workshop is Giant Predators and Prey and will study the habitats of the African Giants. In this workshop families can create their own mini museum to take home. Tickets for family workshops are only $12.

Educational lectures are also an integral part of Paleofest. Speakers include: Patrick O’Connor Ph.D., Alycia L. Stigall Ph.D., Jeffery Wilson Ph.D., William Hammer Ph.D., Virginia L. Naples Ph.D., Paul C. Sereno Ph.D., and more. Lectures will cover a variety of topics including From Giant Amphibians to Dinosaurs, Africa’s Cretaceous Dinosaur World, Fascinating Fossils from Down Under, Amazing Anthropods of Gondwana and many more! There is also the option of a Museum Mixer!

If you miss this you will be dino-sour! Don’t Delay! Book your tickets for Rockford IL's Paleofest and the Comfort Inn and Suites today!

Comfort Inn & Suites Rochelle - Rochelle, Illinois (IL)
1133 N 7th St. Rochelle, IL 61068
Reservations: 815-562-5551 Fax: 815-562-3911

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